“Tumbok” (2011) – Philippine Ghost/ Horror

Nekoneko's Movie Litterbox

Time to swing by the sunny Philippines for today’s movie review, and this time out we have a look at Topel Lee’s latest horror offering, 2011’s “Tumbok”. The Trailer promises a haunted apartment building, ghosts, creepy goings on, and a look at a traditional Philippine version of feng shui. Think I could pass it all up? Not on your life.

Our story goes like this: “After they tie the knot, newlyweds Grace (Cristine Reyes) and Ronnie (Carlo Aquino) inherit a run-down condominium unit from the unexpected death of Ronnie’s dad under eerie circumstances. The building stands right at the center of the crossroads of three streets, an unlucky location referred to as “Tumbok”. Such a place is believed by the superstitious to gather negative spiritual energy and bring bad fortune to all who dare to live there. Not long after moving in, Grace begins to sense something strange about…

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