“You Have to Choose”: Islam, Secularism, and Amazigh Identity

Luv luv LUV’d this…in regards to other religions (commonly referred to as MYTH, these days!) & spirituality — that has not only been forcibly removed from nearly EVERY culture (i.e., those that were colonized, conquered, Or KILLED-Off via genocide, that is). So much has been lost to us! Not only meaning our antediluvian ancestry, but even as recent as late-B.C./early A.D. and medieval times, as well…mostly due to the gross monopolizing of religion via the ignorance of the people, and their lack of power in the past against the church — & also due to the damned ignorant people, whom the powerful held in sway. The ignorance of the past created a ‘mob rule’ effect, that saw to some of histories’ greatest art/artists/books/creations being burnt on a pyre of IDIOCY. It will forever be a subject of outrage to me…and i wasn’t even THERE…well, at least spiritually-speaking? I don’t *think* that i was! 😆☆🧐 !!!


by Nuunja Kahina

How do you decolonize and return to your Indigenous spirituality if you don’t know what it is?  At the beginning of this year, I wrote about the language question in Tamazgha (North Africa), the land of the Imazighen, arguing that decolonization requires the rejection of Arabic as a colonial language. This, however, is just one of many steps that must be taken. Interestingly, another Amazigh responded to my last article saying that Islam must also be rejected in order to achieve liberation. I am far more hesitant addressing the issue of religion in North Africa. It is not as simple and cut-and-dry as ‘reject colonial religion, return to Indigenous spirituality.’

Islam dominated Tamazgha after the Arab invasions of the 7th century C.E., and today the Amazigh population is overwhelmingly Muslim, adhering to a colonial religion. Yet even before the Arabs, there were significant Christian and Jewish populations…

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