(Free) Music Sites for Creatives

8tracks is my own personal Jesus, or whatever. You get what I’m sayin, folks.!!! 😏

The Ink and Palette

When you’re working, reading, studying, painting, relaxing, writing, or just lounging, sometimes the perfect ambient sound hits the spot. Or, perhaps a great music channel does it for you. But don’t waste your time looking for websites that offer ambient sounds for free – I already did it for you!

Because each site offers something different to the listener, this list is divided into three categories: Nature, Environment, and Music.


A Soft Murmurasoftmurmur
This simple, single-page site offers ten sounds: Rain, Thunder, Waves, Wind, Fire, Birds, Crickets, Coffee Shop, Singing Bowl, and White Noise. As with most ambient sites, you can click on multiple graphics, combining sounds to make the perfect environment for you. To play the sound, click on its graphic. You may adjust the volume of each either by moving the slider beneath the graphic, or repeatedly single-clicking on the graphic to play one of four…

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