African Athena

The appearance of Martin Bernal’s Black Athena: The Afro-Asian Roots of Classical Civilization in 1987 sparked intense debate and controversy in Africa, Europe, and North America. His detailed genealogy of the ‘fabrication of Greece’ and his claims for the influence of ancient African and Near Eastern cultures on the making of classical Greece, questioned many… Read More African Athena

Linking the Ancient World Online, with Sebastian Heath

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Sebastian Heath is Research Assistant Professor of Ancient Studies at New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. At ISAW he is working to establish a program of digital publication. Initial results are available at and . He is also a member of various field projects, including…

Ancient Celtic Simbols.

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Celtic symbols were used as a protection tool, to infuse courage to warriors, to defeat their enemies, to gain love or to mark the way forward. The Celts transmitted their knowledge through engravings, some of which have come down to us thanks to which they were carved from hard materials like…

Bucephalus: the horse that conquered the world, whit his most faithful friend Alexander Magnus.

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Bucephalus (in ancient Greek Βουκέφαλος Bouképhalos, in Latin Bucephalus) was the horse of Alexander the Great.  Its name comes from ancient Greek βοῦς (bous), ox, and κεφαλή (kephalê), head and would thus mean “ox head“. Physical characteristics Bucephalus was the best race Thessaly, some hypotheses have said that an example of…