(14) The Return of the Antediluvians

Love Luv LOVED #THIS; luuuuv your ideas regarding the different story arcs that one could take whilst gaming. I’ve loved VtM; it’s held my heart ever since I purchased a random VtM novel back in the 90s, when the old WoD had novels as well as clanbooks, etc. going! 😁 MANY of those types of novels have either been long out of print, or simply not made into e-books yet by DriveThru RPG, sad 😢 to say. But as i STILL don’t completely understand how you play the tabletop game itself? 😯 I get my VtM-fix off of any and ALL novels/clanbooks/comics/& offshoot novellas/books 📚 that i can find (& thank the GODS, for the Internet making it sooo much cheaper and easier for the modern-day bookworm!). 😖 Love your blog; thank YOU, for sharing. 👏 ✌ ✔💯 👋

Nocturnal Gods

What is Dead, Does Not Stay Dead

To be honest up front, this entire article deals with the overarching Meta-plot(s) of VtM, as well as the Lore. It is meant to offer a wealth of options to expand on your game and your game world.

I have to say it, I love the VtM mythos and presence of the Antediluvians. I love the Lore (and lack thereof) surrounding them. I love their nigh-godlike power, and I love the influence they can have on a Chronicle, both directly and indirectly.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I have active Antediluvians running rampant through my games. Far from it. Entities with that level of power need only be invoked for the highest levels of earth-shaking storytelling. They are, by nature, near-apocalyptic beings who make even the other supernaturals species of the World of Darkness take notice, and cause them no small amount of…

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