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STILL A Personal Favourite The Craft : Four high school girls discover the secret of witchcraft and band together to form a coven. They all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who even slightly anger them. Source: Watch The Craft Full Movie English Sub |



Looking very much forward to getting to know, and become more involved in this group.  I’m hoping that I can help in any way I have, to represent and advocate for this group as it’s goal is very close to my heart — bolder & brighter understanding, as well as promotion of kinship for Pagans of Colour.  It’s sorely lacking, moreso than I ever thought it could be.  Kudos to the creator(s) of the group, for standing up and representing on a topic that desperately needed representation.  Mayhap one day, all of us can attempt to at least accept each other, even if we don’t understand completely — not just in regards to colour, but for all Pagans, Heathens, Wiccans, & other Polytheists of every race/sex/gender/creed!  #itsalllove

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Happy Mabon to all!

thewyldking: (unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere then…Happy Ostara!) I’m going to celebrate this fruitful and intoxicating holy day in the traditional manner…by drinking a lot of wine and getting wasted at my university tonight! Io Dionysus! =D Have a merry one! Sincerely, the chick who’s gonna have a really awful hangover tomorrow…

Magickal Almanac Monday August 22, 2011 Waning Moon Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter Moon Sign: Gemini Color: Gray Incense: Neroli Magickal Almanac Tuesday August 23, 2011 Waning Moon Moon phase: Fourth Quarter Moon Sign: Gemini Sun enters Virgo 7:21am 

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