That Woman

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You are that woman Despite anyone’s views or judgments You are that woman who can do it all You are that woman who can have it all You are that woman who can set the bar high Not needing permission to achieve your ambition You are that woman who can…

TSU Social Media Is Now Live!

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Looking for new social media options then check out TSU Social. A supportive place where creatives get rewarded for their work. Options once include charitable donations or earnings for content posted. So if your tiered of platforms living off your ideas then free yourself from the usual and try something different.…

So Ungrateful!

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<rant>Someone interrupts me to ask me to do something for them and so I stop what I’m doing and help them. Then at the end, when they’ve got everything they wanted they start getting angry about something I’m saying to them even though I’m still trying to help them. Makes my…


A group of international volunteers who are using pioneering online research techniques to investigate world events — from Mexican drug lords and crimes against humanity, to tracking the use of chemical weapons and conflicts worldwide. Bellingcat