in her dreams,

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in her dreams, I present these oracle-like artist trading cards for your review and possible edification! You remember such items from the past, maybe – here they are again. I make these cards and then I give them a phrase cut from printed matter, chosen at random…


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The ground has teeth here. They love to open and gnash and swallow humans whole. They’re grey as life’s goal and end… Looking there fills you with fear. . The goth wannabes be hanging onto that uvula, The oldsters are avoiding the place like the plague, Because love of death is…

The Victorian Gothic

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So, in honour of Charlotte Bronte’s unbirthday (shut up, they’re totally a thing and it’s not just an excuse to better understand Jane Eyre), we’re having a look at the conventions of the Victorian Gothic this week. But before we can look specifically at the Victorian Gothic genre, let’s get some…

Avoiding the Terrible Awful

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Whenever I go to writer’s conferences, the question usually arises; “What’s the absolute worst thing an author can do?” Oh. The mind boggles. I’m usually the one on the panel who urges my synapses to fire more quickly so I can go back through the many years of some of…


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When bullies are put in control, superficial silence descends with an undercurrent of resistance that will clean house as empty promises are shattered paving the way for good.

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Submit Completely

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I’ve written pretty extensively about the need to release beliefs, the importance of your emotions and how to line up your energy with what you want. This blog is full of information about different beliefs, how they may manifest in your reality and how to shift your perspective to a better feeling place. However sometimes,…