Ladies of the Night

There are a number of ways to buy my book, and you can access many of them right from this page!  In addition to all of these methods, you can order it at Barnes and Noble (some independent booksto… Source: Ladies of the Night

On the Other Side of Pink

Only in New Orleans are the Dead given a city in which to reside. Because New Orleans is built on swampland, the Dead cannot be buried in the ground lest they re-surface and float awa… Source: On the Other Side of Pink

As usual, #IT is abhorrent. Random Thought: While few, there are still some “little” significances with this situation that aren’t missed on me; this having happened at a school named ‘Berkeley” being the main one of them. While the school in question does sharing a name with other schools- some larger and more storied places of higher learning….this school and THIS article got me… Read More


I come from strong women. My mother was telling me last night, in one of those phenomenal moments when she actually lets something slip about the past, that my great-grandmere, Vi Ella Cauthorn-Lue, took those children left in the home, on to Mexico Missouri in order to give them a better way of life.  I… Read More determination.