9 books of forbidden knowledge given to 9 unknown men’s! Let’s see what are those books about.

Flood from history

The mystery behind those 9 nine books are from the time of ‘Ashoka the great’ from India in 273bc who was the greatest warrior of his time. He was master in killing with all kind of weapons. He was the great millitary commander but also cruel on his enemies. He even conquered the Kalinga which lay between which is now Calcutta and madras. AND at that time Kalinga was the powerful kingdom that even chandragupta maurya (ashoka’a grandfather) never get the victory but ashoka make the Kalinga fall on his knees by killing around 100,000 men in battle. That war bring river of blood which makes the ashoka realise his mistake that he didnot achieve anything except the dead bodies killed by his men. #When ashoka realise his mistake and swear never to take a sword in his hands and become non-violent by accepting Buddhism. But ashoka always fears about…

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