Rigor Mortis

Gweilo Ramblings

2013 was a year that utterly sucked on pretty much every level for me.  And indirectly this movie fairly well summed up what a pathetic year it was – I had a comp ticket to go see it on behalf of Easternkicks – as I managed to turn up a week late!!  However, it has now turned up on a lovely looking DVD from those good people at Yesasia.com, and out favourite blogging buddy Miyuki from the always entertaining Litterbox suggested we do this one together.  Never one to turn down the chance to do one of these joint reviews, I leapt at the chance.  And for those of you that haven’t been here before what happens is that Miyuki and I watch the film and do our reviews in our own indomitable styles.  Then we put in our comments on each other’s review.  So this means you get two…

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