Queen of Darkness


The Lucken Hare

Before she showed up, I had very little knowledge of her. Early forays researching witchcraft had mentioned Hecate as being the Goddess of witchcraft and ghosts. A black page of neon green text that I filed away as future useful. My obsession had gathered on the subject of the Sabbat. A mystical event that sounded like the perfect party plan. Revelling with creatures of the night and dancing the night away. Back then I didn’t necessarily believe in the effectiveness of magic. I was into this stuff for all the lofty reasons. Tricks weren’t on the menu. I wanted the aforesaid mystical experience, visions and hidden knowledge.

It was a short while later that I bought a copy of Jason Miller’s Sorcerer’s Secrets. I had abandoned my old meditation techniques and needed some new ones. One night I felt compelled to use the Gate of Heka meditation as…

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