Retrospective: The Best Films of 2019

Salt Lake Film Review

First published on February 9, 2020.

1. The Farewell

Courtesy of Sundance Institute
Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Since seeingThe Farewellat Sundance a year ago, it has stuck with me. The film is cleverly crafted, and I have revisited it often since its festival premiere and throughout its theatrical run. It’s an incredibly personal story with great love and insight.

From ‘The Farewell,’ Is An Extremely Sweet Dedication to Family:

As sweet, and sad, as this movie is, it will still surprise you and it will tug at your emotions, in every direction. You will laugh and chuckle, tear up and cry. You will think about your own grandparents and extended family, and the memories and experiences you shared with them.

2. Parasite

Compelling in its story of class struggle and the measures one family will go to in trying to better their lives, Parasitehas rightly earned its place as…

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