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Sparrowhawk (2010) is a novella by Paul Finch set during the Christmas season of 1843 England. It follows John Sparrowhawk, a veteran who served with the British Empire during the Afghan War. Despite his military heroics, Sparrowhawk’s life spiraled into turmoil afterwards. His wife died while he was away, and his subsequent gambling landed him in debtor’s prison with little chance of buying his way free. This situation changes with the unexpected appearance of an attractive, wealthy woman named Miss Evangeline at the prison. She’s sought him out to offer him a job that will pay all his debts and more. This job requires him to guard a man against three assailants who will separately arrive during the month of December. The identity of this man he’s charged to protect is not revealed to Sparrowhawk, and he’s under strict orders to keep his vigil a secret. With little other options…

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