Contributor Post: 5 Ways to Make Being a Long-Distance Dad Not Suck

Fatherly Noir

Contributed content by Brian “B-Pack” Packer

Being a long-distance dad (LDD) sucks. Don’t get me wrong, being a dad is amazing. It’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. However, when your kid lives in another city, it just sucks.


Because you’re not there, you miss the little moments, the everyday things like dropping them off at school or the random moments at home while their dancing in their PJs. Sometimes, you even miss the big moments: first words, first steps, the big recital or peewee game. It’s tough. My daughter is 7 and as close as we are, there are so many moments where I wish I could just be there physically…but she’s 700 miles away and that sometimes sucks.

Last week, as I was scrolling through my timeline, I saw a flood of friends posting pictures from daddy-daughter dances and date nights. I must admit…

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