Ophidian Obscurite

so many faces

Yesterday I conducted a Keeping her Keys ritual intended to interweave the Upper Self, Bodily Self and Under-Self. It was not initially intended to do the ritual on the full moon but I do believe to some degree that going with a gut instinct of ‘rightness’ in terms of timing is just as important as timing it to the movement of bodies in the cosmos.

It began with meditation — something that I have been practising since last month’s dark moon. Designed to increase bodily awareness, it facilitated a sense of the Now that acutely proved to be useful.

Reaching down into my roots was comforting. Drawing on my emotions, on the raw and the wild secured and grounded. Brushing away the dirt tenderly to caress even the smallest thread of wisp-root. Black were the threads, interlacing over my skin but not binding. Then came the climb skyward, out of…

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