Moody Tales

I jolted when my hand touched the hot cup of Chai. With thoughts
looming over, I headed to the dining table where my husband and in-
laws were discussing news and politics. As I craned my neck to see
the clock, I realized it was time for me to head over for work.
Although it was a fresh Sunday morning, I felt the need to get out of
the house with questions and rage boiling from within. My fingers
traced the Mangal sutra on my neck and then the dark red Sindoor. I
was feeling on edge. While I drove mindlessly, I looked down,
scanning my things through the leggings like an X-ray, as I spot huge
purple bruises. My wrist had stories, just like my back. Behind those
cemented walls, my consent screamed and shrieked yet, fell on deaf
ears. It still bothered me. The word was on the…

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