If life is a game, when is it going to end?

D's Unchanging and Ever Changing.....

I have asked the question, “What is this life?” Then it dawned on me: Will I ask the same question again and again and again till I “get it”? After all I really am not sure that this is my first rodeo in the world. I don’t remember ever being born (other people were the ones saying I was born and they happened to witness my birth etc) If so, do they know where I was before I was born? Where was I before I was “created” and born? Did I exist then, only I don’t remember?

I imagine myself having a different identity somewhere in time and space and asking the very same question: “What is this life?” Different bodies, different names, seemingly different lives and their challenges. It is surely very possible given the fact that I don’t really know where I actually came from. Lifetime after lifetime…

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