The Great Hurricane of 1938


It seems the powers that be, or mother nature, or…some entity had it out for us in the 1930s.  I always marveled at how the Stock Market Crash and The Great Depression weren’t enough karmic punishment, (for what I don’t know!) but there was The Dust Bowl to make things even worse.  Now as I’m reading Babu’s diaries I see that during that decade this area had the worst flood it’s seen since and the worst hurricane.  (We beat it out with the tornadoes we had in our area in 2011.)

As with the flood of 1936, Babu seems not at all flustered and even a bit thrilled at the excitement of the 1938 hurricane.  There was no warning, no warning system, in place to alert people something was heading their way.  Babu doesn’t mention it until the damage is done.

flood This is NOT Babu’s image.  Found on Yahoo…

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