Ways to be a writer

Rachel A. M.

In writing, there are always new goals to strive toward. There are also always new ways to feel less than.

I’m not a real writer if I’m only writing for work. I’m not a real writer if I’m writing genre fiction, or if I’m writing flash fiction. I’m not a real writer if I’m unpublished. I’m not a real writer if I don’t have a book.

It’s absurd.

There are so many ways to be a writer.

Number 1? You write.

My journey started early. I was three or four when I started feeling compelled to tell stories.

I needed to thank someone for a gift I had received, so I decided to draw a picture and make a card myself. I drew a penguin, for reasons I no longer remember. But when I did, I saw a life, and I wanted to explore it.

I couldn’t write yet, not…

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