Tournament of Terror Round of 16!

Longbox Graveyard

Welcome to the first proper round of the Longbox Graveyard Tournament of Terror. Thanks to everyone who voted to set our field of sixteen! In the end, there was a pretty clear divsion between the top fourteen monsters and the rest of the field, letting us go forward with clear voters’ favorties plus two write-ins based on reader comments. So before we get to the bracket, join me in bidding a not-so-fond farewell to Man-Wolf, Brother Voodoo, Satana, the Zombie, the Living Mummy, Scarecrow, the Golem, and It! The Living Colossus.

(Poor It! scored but a single vote … and then only after I went to Twitter to plead his case).

All right, on to the main event.

In years past, I’ve seeded our tournaments according to the selection round vote, but this has lead to static and predictable tournaments, with the higher seeds naturally marching through the early…

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