Women’s Work and Family in the Viking Age

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Viking Woman (http://vikingove.mysteria.cz/obleceni.html) Viking Woman (http://vikingove.mysteria.cz/obleceni.html)

Women played many fundamental roles in Scandinavia during the Viking Age (eighth to eleventh century). Their positions ranged from slave to farmer to landholder and their tasks varied from the spinning and weaving of cloth, manufacturing garments and hangings, preserving, producing and cooking food and drink, tending livestock, working in the fields, cleaning and laundry to warming beds. There is little known about women in urban areas but if they were married to craftsmen or merchants, presumably they helped with their husband’s business. The main sources of information on Viking Age women are archaeology along with the written sagas, poetry and runes and depictions of women in art.

Preparing and Serving Food

Women during this historical era managed all of the affairs related to inside the house while men were in charge of everything outside the house although women did venture outside for tasks related to their…

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