(Memnos II) – A Silence In Which No One Sings

Originally posted on (CALIATH):
??????? I’d like to think that, if you made it to this point, you hold the glory that my poem holds not, as you withstood it. I don’t particularly like anything I produce these days, but this one was a delicate endeavor to iron-out. Written over nearly two months, revised hundreds…


Originally posted on the Invisible I:
(Inspired by “Do Not Disturb” x Drake) I feel Life is curving me… seeing it all unfold happenstance building uncertainty. Only thing I’m leaning on is my bloodline for surgery. Equipped with the verbal whip painting all pictures purposefully can’t remember the last time I needed something I couldn’t…

Reflective Eyes

Originally posted on Amitav Chowdhury:
Reflective eyes look meditative There’s a stillness which fascinates the observer Sparkling with intense feelings of life A smile that is crafted with the myriad emotions Contemplative moments run deep in Life Heart beats with rhythm which hearkens divine narrations Eyes slant towards the beauty of an inspiring soul In anticipation to…

She is Water

Originally posted on the blighters rock:
to lose myself in the raingentle percussive poetrydestined for the oceanto bathe in highland streamssinging with ballads ofwaterfalls pastimmersed in her caressto the sound of river deltasand symphonies to come


Originally posted on the blighters rock:
within this darknessthis velvet blanket of the nightlive only dreamswhich float in and out of sightakin to elusive firefliestheir finery hung on moonlighta dance of wanton minddoomed to burn full and brightthen die deaths unseenwhen the rays of dawn ignite.