WITCHES MOON | Artist Highlight

The Moldy Crypt

Somewhere, carved deep into the forest; past unkempt hiking trails long forgotten, through the marshy wetlands, and beyond the dense blanket of fog, exists an isolated hut made of branches and dead moss. There lies in secret a being known only as The Witch. Emanating from the haze of herbal incense inside are the synthesized vibrations of Witches Moon.

Witches Moon, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, has been causing quite a stir in the black metal and dungeon synth communities for its startlingly unique take on the blending of both genres. Today, we take a trip into the murky wood to take a closer look at the larger items in the Witches Moon catalog (all available at the Witches Moon Bandcamp) and see what makes each release so unique from this mysterious and intriguing project.

A Swing of Sickle to Summer’s Dawn


The first Witches Moon album A…

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