The Moldy Crypt’s Top 20 Dungeon Synth Releases of 2018

The Moldy Crypt

The Moldy Crypt awakens from a mystifying slumber, the Lurker emerging once again with a collection of the year’s most treasured dungeon synth artifacts. Peeling back the dusty pages as the snow begins to gather silently outside, the wind summoning a harshness hibernating behind the vale of winter. By the light of a dim fire, the incense rising from the obelisks beneath stony corridors rank with the pale vapors of death and mystery, a quill meets its inkwell.

It goes without saying that dungeon synth is a rather prolific genre. It seems every day there are new albums paired with the “dungeon synth” tag popping up, with countless artists pumping out new material with every stroke of the clock’s hand. This fact alone makes the 2018 dungeon synth chart harder than ever, as the genre continues to bloom, expand, and evolve rapidly. That being said, many artists are preserving the…

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