Love for Our Mother

Temple of Hekate Enodia

Mother’s Day is a day where children give thanks to their mothers for being Mom. Hekate is known by many as their Dark Mother, but Enodia is also our Light Mother. Though her paths are many we at the Temple of Hekate Enodia acknowledge our Great Mother for the many things she is.  Here are just a few of her embodiments:

Chthonia (earthly one) and Prytania (invincible queen of the dead) she is a goddess of the underworld terrific, thunderous and awesome. We give her thanks for caring over and protecting our loved ones who have gone to Hades. We also thank her as Propolos (companion) for guiding Queen Persephone back and forth  through the underworld to ensure the harvest that we need not starve by Lady Demeter.

In this way we thank her too as Soteira (savior). She saved mankind from starvation. She also ensouls the universe giving life to…

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