Gardening By the Moon (Part 2)

Green Witchery

PHASES OF THE MOON. Woodcut designed by Hans Holbein the Younger from Sebastian Munster's 'Canones super novum instrumentum luminarium,' Basel, 1534.

In the first part of this two-part article, I wrote about the effects of the Moon on plant growth according to phases. Now it’s time to dig into the next area – gardening by the Signs of the Moon.

The Moon goes through an entire round of the Zodiac in about 28 days, a lunar month or what I like to call “moonth”, spending approximately two and a half days in each Sign. If you keep your Moon calendar handy, one that not only shows the phases but also the Signs, you can plan your gardening activities in harmony with the best possible times.

The 12 Signs are either fruitful and barren, according to their elemental nature – Fire, Air Earth, or Water – as follows:

Aries: The first of the Fire Signs is also a barren sign,  being hot and dry. This is a good opportunity for weeding…

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