A Witch’s New Year

Green Witchery


How do Witches celebrate the “New Year”? With most of the world eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2019 on the calendar date of January 1, there are other perspectives that are quietly observed as well. This is not the Witches’ New Year. It is nothing but the turning of a page in the datebook of the mundane world, numbered according to a planner that few of us follow.

So when, exactly, is the Witches New Year, one may ask, if not on January 1?

This requires some explanation. Witches generally consider Samhain (October 31) as the end of our year. Others celebrate Winter Solstice (on or around December 21) as a festival of rebirth. Imbolc comes on February 1, marking the first signs of Winter’s end. And on Spring Equinox (on or around March 21) the Sun begins a new cycle as it enters Aries, the first sign of the…

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