on divinity

Althea in the Ether

oh my love,
object of my affection,
target of my desire,
i could listen to your voice
a million times, whispered close
and never truly hear
the radiance of your song.
i could see your face
every day of my life remain
and never fully take in
the ethereal quality of your beauty.
i could feel the warmth,
unique to your touch, again and again
and never truly percieve
the steadfastness of your affections.
oh my love, my dearest,
i could say your name,
replace all my sentences
fill my mouth full
and never truly comprehend
the depth of your personage,
the reality of your being,
or the raw power you are,
or the manner by which you exist.
i am only but one,
humbled and graced, very much
amazed by your presence.
my only wish is to serve you,
to make you content,
to act upon your whims,

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