Spontaneous Solstice

Modern Day Magick Tonight, as the sun sets and darkness sets in, we do not quiet. Tonight is celebration and sacred fire. Tomorrow, as the sun rises and the light returns in full, we shall revel in the bright energy and know that even when times get dark, the light will always return. Happy Summer… Read More Spontaneous Solstice

(Memnos I) – Alluvium

Originally posted on (CALIATH):
        I was vanished; A most egotistical subterfuge, but naught without its proper cost. Approaching my date of birth by last December, I suffered a massive plunge in my mental integrity, followed by some level of tragedy, anguish, and some sparse instances of recuperation. This is most common to me since…

on divinity

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oh my love, object of my affection, target of my desire, i could listen to your voice a million times, whispered close and never truly hear the radiance of your song. i could see your face every day of my life remain and never fully take in the…

In color

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You bring color to my life. ? What once was clad in analog grey Now floods with vibrant hues With swirls of reds and greens Filling my world to the brim With digital color. ? It seems as if Maybe only for the vibrant moment, That everything will…

Abandoned: the curse of the Egyptian Halls

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The sad tale of the decline of Glasgow’s Egyptian Halls, a city centre listed building designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson. The Egyptian Halls is a category A listed building located in central Glasgow. It was built between 1870–72 and designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson, a talented Scottish architect regarded as a…

Abandoned railways, restored heritage

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Exploring abandoned and restored industrial railway heritage in south Scotland and Yorkshire. Inside an abandoned railway carriage It rained the whole time we wandered amongst the rusting carcasses of old industrial railway stock. The Lowther Hills, denuded and charmless, stood battered by squalls. With all the disused mines in the area…


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When you were born everything was already here and they said, “this is the way things are.” When you saw things were broken and harming 80% of everybody, they said, “This is the way things are. There is nothing else.” Then you studied history and you saw that things…