Daily Stuff 2-12-19 Artemis 

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Hi, folks!

Featured photo found on Google by searching, “Winter Haiku Images”. Ancient Light will be closed on 2/17.

Saying, “It’s been raining” is a real understatement today. Between midnight and 1pm we had 2 1/3 inches of rain. Everything is soaking, including a box of books that Tempus brought in from the car. I thought he said that he fixed the leak in the back gate, but apparently it didn’t work as well as he thought. 40F, wind at 1mph, AWI5, UV1. The rain is supposed to keep on until morning, too. We’re supposed to get a break tomorrow and Sunday, but otherwise….wet winter.

Primrose and mini jonquils

By noon the wind was gusting well into the 20’s, but it was up to 50F. After I planted some vegetable ends in one of the pots outside, I cleaned up a geranium that had been sitting in the window and…

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