The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

Shakespeare ‘N’ Spice

The Silent Companions follows a recently widowed Mrs. Bainbridge who’s forced to relocate to an isolated mansion called The Bridge, one that has a dark history of unexplained tragedies. Mrs. Bainbridge arrives unhappy and frustrated with her situation, secrets of her own past entangling with those of The Bridge. For The Bridge holds several silent companions, wooden paintings passed down through generations, and they begin to make themselves appear in ways that frightens its residents.

This is a really fantastic, engrossing horror read. It has a quality about it that makes it difficult to tear yourself away. All the characters have secrets, and the additional layer of history only adds to the drama of who and what connects it all together. The symbolism of the animals, the vivid imagery of the atmosphere, the stinks and smells of the house, everything is put together with mastery in this novel.

Mrs. Bainbridge…

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