Six Books For New Magickians

The Vulpine Portfolio

Six months ago I put together a list of things for newer occultists to think about. This proved to be surprisingly popular, and as a result I have decided to create another article relating to the books that helped me when I was just starting out. It goes without saying that the following is heavily biased towards chaos magick, as that is where my own roots lie. However, considering that this is a path which hinges upon experimentation there is no reason to assume that such a starting point would be detrimental to others finding their feet in our most labyrinthine of mystical universes.

Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology
Edited By John Gordon Melton

Of all the entries showcased here, this particular two volume work will prove to be the most important for those looking to gain a broad grounding in magickal ideas from a sober point of view…

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