Philosophical Musings

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

“In relation to their systems most sytematisers are like a man who builds an enormous castle and lives in a shack close by; they do not live in their own enormous systematic buildings. But spiritually that is a decisive objection. Spiritually speaking a man’s thought must be the building in which he lives–otherwise everything is topsy-turvy.”

–Søren Kierkegaard (The Soul of Kierkegaard: Selections from His Journals, 98).

To be sure, who is the man who lives consistently in the worldview that he constructs? That is to say, who is the man who constructs a metaphysic that is consistent internally, and also, logically coherent and relevant to reality? If the aforementioned is constructed well; if it has a sturdy foundation; if it has a sound structure; if it has not been found wanting; does the creator actually live in his constructed world—can he, and still remain sane?

Indeed, the 20th century…

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