Concerning the Fire

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Stephanie called me in a panic; as one can imagine, dealing with something like this first hand can be quite the experience. An experience that many will thankfully not have to go through. Nevertheless, after a failed attempt at deep-frying–and throwing water on a grease fire–I came home from work early upon Stephanie’s call to our entire complex outside along with an array of firetrucks, police vehicles and other diverse spectators. Actually the whole thing was quite a scene–to be sure, sometimes we learn lessons the hard way and I do not believe that this is a bad thing.

As we entered into our apartment the next day (we had spent the night at my parents and would spend the night there in the ensuing week), the kitchen was completely torched and the remainder of the unit was heavy-laden with ash: burnt walls, smoke stains and more. It is something…

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