MALLEUS: ‘Dark Nouveau’ Stile Liberty serigraphs by trio of Italian artists (the relatively tame stuff)

Rockland Rosa Triplex


Here is a very select group of the tamer of the images produced by this Italian trio of young male artists who simply call themselves Poia, Lu and Urlo, or MALLEUS, and who work in the Stile Liberty tradition of silkscreened poster graphics.  

I first became aware of this body of work while visiting San Francisco, California last October with my dear wife Dawn.

While browsing in a head shop on Haight Street, I noticed an invitation card for an art show called ‘DARK NOUVEAU’ at the Varnish Fine Arts Gallery on Natoma street, basically an alley downtown in the City’s financial district.

They were showing some of their limited edition serigraphs at Varnish with the Firehouse group of East Bay artists, Chuck Sperry, Dave Hunter and Ron Donovan.


That show opened my eyes to the fact that there…

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