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This four letter word has destroyed millions and millions and hence, today, I want to talk about this very subject. For ages it has acted as a lout and a curse for most of humanity. Tyrants have risen and Societies have fallen because of this very word. Peace has been…

Living out of tune

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Since I was a kid, people have a lot of expectations on me. I’ve been known by many as the good boy with high grades and right manners. I always top the examinations. I’m active in extracurricular activities. I have a commendable attitude in my religious organization. I used to…

How We Know

  The link below is directly related to a subject I’ve been thinking about for some time now; regarding my paternal great-grandparents’ genealogy research. Long story short; my paternal great-grandfather was a full-blooded Native American Indian of unknown tribal relations. All that IS known, is that he was registered with the U.S. Government **but**…any paperwork… Read More How We Know

Let the Dark Speak

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Hey everyone! Things have been such a whirlwind lately! Thanks for sticking around and continuing to follow my blog. A huge thank you to everyone who is now following my instagram! There’s lots of excitement on the horizon, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Of…