Sayer Teller’s Stories & Tales: An Introduction

Sayer Teller

Long ago, I fell within a tree, dreaming and waking to the same dream and to the same reality. How long have I been falling? I thought upon awakening from another long dream. I’m taking too long… Not so long after becoming aware again, I safely landed without impact, the air itself a cushion for my fall. I slowly touched the rough wooden ground with the tip of my toe. It had been so long since I had touched solid ground that I couldn’t be sure if what I felt was real or not. I stood up straight and raised my hands up to stretch. She’s waiting. I thought to myself, and entered the bark-bound hall before me.

I wandered the endless corridors of temporal worlds and hidden things. Small green sprites faintly illuminated the way. Brushing my fingers across the sylvan rifts with each step I took, I reacquainted…

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