William Golding, The Inheritors (1955)

Re-enchantment Of The World

I’ve read Sapiens by Harari recently, and it rekindled my interest in the earliest history of our species. Shortly after that, a review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Shaman on Weighing a pig doesn’t fatten it led to me reading that novel and I was very happy it did. Robinson managed to create a believable impression of the culture of people who lived long before anything could be written down. Scientists use the pieces they find to speculate and search the furthest corners of the world for tribes that continue to live the lives of hunter-gatherers… but only a novelist can make me feel a sense of connection with people from so long ago!

In the discussion below his review, Bart mentioned William Golding’s The Inheritors as one of the sources of Robinson’s inspiration, and I was curious. Golding is one of my favourite writers, Lord of the Flies one of…

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One thought on “William Golding, The Inheritors (1955)

  1. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has two ice age novels. owl Moon is one of them. Very good. She also wrote the secret Lives of Dogs. She’s great to read. Paleontology is very interesting, I’m currently studying it a bit too. The history of life. Jean Aeil had a hit with a cave woman book or two, which were very long, but OK.too.


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