Leaving The Force Behind


Have you heard that sound? It’s the gnashing of teeth and beating of (Storm Trooper) breast (plates), the fart of adult disappointment as the crushing weight of reality falls once more on our shoulders. Yes, it’s that time of year when millions of middle-aged fanboys and girls wet themselves at the anticipation of another Star Wars movie. When The Force Awakens was released two years ago on a wave of trailers, Comicon events, and interviews, the reaction was almost orgasmic: the fans and critics agreed this was another great Star Wars movie; sure, there was the odd voice of descent (George Lucas’s included), but generally it was agreed the franchise to end them all was back on track. Next came Rouge One, and the wagon wheels were well and truly greased. Now, the latest instalment has been released, and the voices of descent are back and louder. Suddenly there seems…

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