Orpheus and the Golden Chain: Or, those Renaissance philosophers, magicians, and mystics were totally crazy, dawg. (P. 1)

The Boukoleon


The Astrologer (Orpheus and Time). Attributed to Giorgione (but probably just from his school).

“Moreover, so much of music as is adapted to the sound of the voice and to the sense of hearing is granted to us for the sake of harmony; and harmony, which has motions akin to the revolutions of our souls, is not regarded by the intelligent votary of the Muses as given by them with a view to irrational pleasure, which is deemed to be the purpose of it in our day, but as meant to correct any discord which may have arisen in the courses of the soul, and to be our ally in bringing her into harmony and agreement with herself; and rhythm too was given by them for the same reason, on account of the irregular and graceless ways which prevail among mankind generally, and to help us against them.”

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