Porvoo: A Paradise in Colour

P e d r o L

Porvoo is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been! Located just 50km east of Helsinki, Porvoo owns the title for second oldest city in Finland, which is reflected in its historic yet well-preserved old town.

In fact, Old Porvoo [you can see the photo essay here] is a dream come true: cobbled streets are lined by wooden houses, most of them hosting charming shops and intimate cafés.

Arriving from the bus station, me and A. started by exploring the upper town of Porvoo. From the very beginning, we felt like daydreaming: coloured wooden houses paint every street and soon we found one of the highlights of Porvoo, the Cathedral.

In this square we also discovered the Bishop´s House and the Chapter House, completed in 1759 to serve as a grammar school until 1850. Yellow and green pastel houses coloured our descend to the west bank of river…

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