Getting Triggered by the News

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I make a conscious effort to try and stay off certain news outlets. It’s a tricky line to walk sometimes because I’m inherently curious and interested in what is happening in current events around the world. I don’t want to live in a bubble. I want to know whats happening, I…

The Sweetest Sound

The Write Nook Since we live in such a technology-driven era, are there any writers out there who choose to listen to their favorite records while they type away? I, for one, love to write with music to further inspire my story to unfold. Meaningful lyrics is a plus. Sometimes I’ll write a chapter entirely… Read More The Sweetest Sound

O.W.L’s Exams Readathon TBR

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So I came across a really exciting readathon on booktube which was created by G at Book Roast This readathon is based around Ordinary Wizarding Levels or the O.W.L’s. G has came up with a list of 12 O.W.L’s and a challenge for each one. So you read a book based…

Sleep with the Angels

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I slumber at the wakening, tasting the luscious licks of the unwrapped lollipops, sparks of sun settle through frost-wintered windows, white toes chilled against red circulation. Morning cat meows plead of attention, circling the unchanged litterbox- recognizing her own beloved stench. Upstairs the flowers sing like honeydew- “Me and Bobby McGee”…

Porvoo: A Paradise in Colour

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Porvoo is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been! Located just 50km east of Helsinki, Porvoo owns the title for second oldest city in Finland, which is reflected in its historic yet well-preserved old town. In fact, Old Porvoo [you can see the photo…