Reaction to “The Hearth of Hellenism: An Open Letter to Mary Beard”

Wonderful; thoughtful and points excellently made, good Sir. Thank You for this. “Paganism-lite,” my arse! While I’ve backed her POV on several historical issues; particularly on race and interracial relations in Ancient times ~ I most certainly do NOT back her POV in this argument. She’s flat out wrong, and I’m sorely disappointed at her lack of sincerity in this. Who is she, to belittle or downsize ANYBODY’S UPG (unique personal gnosis) — practice OR purpose, when it comes to their honoring of the gods? Is Mary Beard a God? NO! But she sure as hell *reads* -on more than one occasion- like she thinks her words are alike to a god’s. Shame on you, Mary Beard. More than anyone, she should know that all practices/purposes EVOLVE eventually. If the mass of society still believed in the gods, would we still be butchering bulls en masse today – especially in areas once rich that are now devastated by war and poverty? Big Questions to ponder; her answer most certainly NOT one to be considered as the answer, in my humble opinion.!!!

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Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Today I came across a piece on Patheos where Angelo Nasios reacts to claims from the famous British Classics scholar Mary Beard, that because there are no modern believers in the ancient Gods she can make controversial claims without having to look over her back. You can read the blog post by Angelo Nasios here.

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