“We Like Stories That Bother Us.” A Chat with Jen Michalski, Editor-in-Chief of JMWW at The Review Review



We were psyched that novelist Bryan Furuness talked with editor in chief Jen Michalski about the origins of jmww and what draws us to submissions. Thanks to The Review Review for publishing this informative piece!

Regardless of the story that the author is trying to tell, we want words that are alive, whether they’re soft and velvety or strong and brash. We see words not just as a vehicle to relay information, but as an ingredient of the story itself, the same way paint doesn’t just show a sky or a river in a painting. We like to see brushstrokes, layers of paint popping on the canvas. Too often, we see a careless use of words. Every word in a story should matter. Precision, even in a long, lushly rendered piece, is very sexy.

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