Facing Her Fears: An Interview with Chelsey Clammer (interviewed by Jen Michalski)

Wish I could’ve caught this class when it was in session! Either way, excellent references, excellent article! 👊🙋


clammer-brick-author-photoChelsey Clammer is the essays editor at The Nervous Breakdown, and as an essayist, she has examined her own life in surprising and unnerving ways. Now, she’s hoping to help other women writers find a voice and face their own fears. Through the website Wow! Women on Writing, Chelsey’s created an anonymous writing group that allows students to write about the tough subjects without fear of being judged, The class will begin in January, and I spoke to her about it (and her own marvelous writing). 

Jen Michalski: I was really struck by your essay “Mother Tongue,” (runner-up, 2014 Black Warrior Review Nonfiction contest). In it, you examine the anthropology of language, like how certain names have fallen out of favor as the result of completely coincidental circumstances (ie, Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent decrease in the number of girls named Katrina), fads, and how other…

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