I Don’t Want To Be A Celebrity

MS Poetry

I want success

But I don’t want fame

I don’t want to be

A household name

I don’t want to be

In the tabloid papers

See my private life

On all the front pages

Don’t want to be followed

By cameras and drones

Or ever have to worry

If I’m truly alone

I don’t want to set

New fashions and trends

I don’t want the world

All trying to be my friend

I don’t want to live my life

In the public eye

Or have the world be told

The minute I die

I don’t want to worry

About pleasing fans

Selling out my beliefs

To stay in demand

I don’t want to be

Another celebrity

I just want to live my life

As the person I want to be

Real and honest

Authentic and free

All I really want is

To always be me

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