Confessions, I & II – Jen Rouse

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Milk + Beans


Because I have to tell you,
I don’t know what to tell you–
maybe that I have loved some things,
but I was raised on fear
and by an egomaniacal asshole
so most bets are off
or at the very least
lined up in shot
glasses like jewels
across the bar
or bread crumbs in the forest.
But there are houses
we should just never
remember how to get back to
and there are roads
we should travel far less.
Not at night.   Not alone.
Maybe what I am saying
is that if you want to come with me,
you’ll have to do more than
follow.  You’ll have to be smarter
than the average bear.  You
might just have to sit
for hours while
I comb my fucking hair and pretend
you don’t mind the wait.


Because isn’t that what we do to each other,
when the chords…

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