Top & Flop of my 2017

Arcana Libri

Like the title says, this is my Top and Flop ranking of my 2017.

I’m going to list 5 book that I enjoyed, and 5 who disappointed me.

It’s not a 5 stars vs 2 starts kind of list, Goodreads exists for a reason, I considered a lot of things, not only the character development or the plot, I think about my expectations for the books, what was my reaction …  (I actually have a 4 star book in my flop list!).


eliza5) Eliza and Her Monsters : this book was a complete surprise. I didn’t expect much, I thought it was something like fangirl (which I enjoyed, make no mistake.). I think it showed more of the “fandom” world. The fan fictions, the fanarts, the cosplays, the friendships online, it touched a lot of themes that we, as readers, as fans, as persons…

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