Rh Negative Blood Type? You’re Not the Only One Asking Questions

Ancestry/Genealogy/Converso Jews?

I am an rh-negative blood type so find the topic interesting. So much so that I did a little research and added the information into two of my genealogy books. When I began researching blood types, I had no idea there were others like me, who wonder about this unusual blood type. On my dashboard here at WordPress, I am able to see what people type into a search field that makes them wind up on my blog site. Lately I’ve seen a large increase in people who are researching this rh factor. “rh negative blood common in jewish people?” “rh negative hebrew” “rh blood typing genealogy” “black people and o negative” are all common these days, so much so that I will continue my own research into the answers to their and my questions. Who are we? We are definitely special, but so is everyone for some reason or another…

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