Badass Bitches of History (Part two)

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Like most things in my life, this blog post is a little late. For my birthday my grandmother bought me the most glorious book: the Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. It is a thousand pages of intrigue and strange stories, folk figures and murky meanings. It is my favourite…

Badass Bitches of History

Originally posted on Lauren Writes:
So last week we celebrated International Women’s Day and to commemorate the occasion here is the first part of a series I like to call Badass Bitches of History. Here, starting from antiquity, you will find the stories and biographies of lesser-known ladies and heroines whose lives could make for…

Black Moon Lilith

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I wane with the moon, my light melting into the sky as droplets of stars, scattered into the soul’s night. But do not mistake darkness for weakness; ice can burn like fire. Come closer. The whole universe flames in my eyes.

Badass bitches of mythology

Originally posted on Lauren Writes:
“You will hear thunder and remember me, and think: she wanted storms…” ― Anna Akhmatova It’s been a little while since I posted anything on here. So, today I want to break my blogging hiatus by continuing my Badass Bitches series and write about two of my big loves: folklore…